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Walk With Me...

These are the stories of just some of the people that have come through the doors of the Empower Life Center and Esther House.  These ministries exist for the purpose of presenting the love and gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.  Clients are offered support, educational information, mentoring, direction, and guidance.  Your support and involvement in Peoria Rescue Ministries means more than you will know to these lost and hurting individuals.  Thank you!


Last year in middle school, I found out I was pregnant.  My boyfriend was also in middle school and we were really scared.  I decided to carry my baby full-term.  When I needed help, I went to the Empower Life Center for classes, diapers, and baby clothes.  They also told me how to have a personal relationship with God.  Now I can say that He’s with me all the time!

The shame of rape, pornography, prostitution and unwanted pregnancies plague me.  The anger and frustration from the injustice in my past control me.  I came to Esther House with my children in hand and am here seeking guidance.

My first thoughts when I found out my girlfriend was pregnant were, “Oh no!  I’m going to be a father!  I’ve never been around kids.  I don’t have any idea what to do!”  The staff at the Empower Life Center arranged for a couple of male volunteers to meet with me, and they have helped me feel confident in my new role as a father.  Now I’m excited to say, “I’m going to be a daddy!”

My boyfriend lost his job, and we have our first baby on the way.  We don’t have money for basic baby items, let alone a crib where the baby can sleep.  A friend told me that we could take parenting and Lamaze classes to learn how to be good parents.  Then by finishing the classes, we will have earned a brand new crib, mattress, and bedding!  We’re so excited to be able to earn a crib for our baby!

A few months ago, I had an abortion.  Right away, I felt really sad and ashamed.  I looked in the phone book and found out the Empower Life Center offered a program called HOPE (Healing of Post-abortive Emotions).  The Bible studies have helped me find healing and forgiveness from God.  Because He loves me, I can have hope for the future.

I’m a father of two young children, and I want to learn how to be a better dad.  I met with some guys who volunteer their time at the Empower Life Center to talk with young fathers like me.   They helped me think about how to protect and provide for my children. 

I had an abortion appointment scheduled.  When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t want to tell my ten-year old daughter because she goes to Sunday School and would know I had made poor choices.  At the Empower Life Center, they offered me a sonogram.  I expected to see a blob of tissue, and instead, I was shocked speechless when I saw the baby’s heartbeat!! That made all the difference in my decision!

A year and a half ago, I had a baby with a man who was an addict.  I decided to give my baby son up for adoption.  A few months later, at the age of 26, I found myself living in my car and pregnant again.  I kept seeking the approval of men to fulfill my emptiness.  I came to Esther House and realized that God was whom I really wanted to be chasing after.  He has filled my heart and changed my life!

When my boyfriend broke up with me a couple of months ago, I was really lonely.  As a result, I started drinking more and going to parties.  Sometimes after a party, I couldn’t even remember whom it had been with, but I knew I had slept with someone.  I needed to talk about the direction my life was going, and I needed to be tested for STIs.  The Empower Life Center provided both - a caring person who was willing to listen and free testing.

For 17 years I didn’t tell anyone that as a teen I had an abortion.  I was too ashamed and filled with guilt.  I went to the Empower Life Center and worked through a Bible study called "Forgiven and Set Free."  I found a safe place to process the grief, and now I am completely free because God has forgiven me!