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Sample Email

Sample text of an email or message that can be sent to potential sponsors.


Hi ____________,

I am helping others in our community by participating in Peoria Rescue Ministries’ The Walk on Saturday, June 23.

The Walk is an opportunity to help raise support for the Empower Life Center and Esther House.  Both of these ministries share the love of Christ and offer free services to women and their children.

My personal goal this year is to raise $_____.  Could you help me by making a pledge?  You don't need to send any money now.  Just let me know the amount you will sponsor me for and your address.  You will receive a reminder in the mail when it's time to pay.

This event is important to me, and I hope that you are able to sponsor me.  You can just respond to my e-mail, or you can call me at __________.  For more information or to sponsor me online, please visit www.peoriarescue.org/walk.
Thanks for your consideration.  I hope to hear from you soon!