Words From Our Clients

Video Testimonies

The testimony of K. Aaron Heifner, a former Rescue Mission and Victory Acres resident (divisions of Peoria Rescue Ministries)


The personal testimony of Cindy, a Barnabas Center client


The testimony of Jacob, a former Rescue Mission and Victory Acres resident (divisions of Peoria Rescue Ministries)


The testimony of Denise Taylor, a resident of the Esther House (a division of Peoria Rescue Ministries)


The personal testimony of Angie, a former client of the Women's Pregnancy Center


Written Words

I am a child of God and will always struggle with alcohol. What that means for me is that I will never touch a drop of alcohol again in my life. I will take it one day at a time with the help of a merciful God. For this once tormented man (and for many others just like me), my road to recovery began more than six years ago at the Peoria Rescue Mission and at Victory Acres. My family ties have been restored, and as a blessing of my recovery, God provided me with a loving wife…May God richly bless Jerry, the staff and volunteers, and to all who freely give to this life-saving ministry.
— Ron
The Esther House has put a roof over my head and I am so thankful for everyone who invested their time and life into the Esther House and most of all, to the Lord. Because of your vision, I now can forget the past and move toward the future.
— Anonymous Esther House Resident
PRM (Peoria Rescue Ministries) has led me to new hope through Jesus. I was saved in prison, but had no place to go when discharged. Thank God PRM is here. I have been ministered to through staff, chapel services, and Victory Acres. What an honor to God this ministry is. I have hope in Jesus and I am learning that every day, thanks to PRM.
— Anonymous Victory Acres Resident
I found myself! You all teach me about God and being a better parent. I’ve been here 10 years and I tell everybody to come here. I love this place!
— Michelle, Women's Pregnancy Center Client
May the Barnabas Center and Mike Krippel continue on in directing the lost to the most wonderful God I now know! Life isn’t perfect, nor easy. But with my hand in God’s hand… I do know He will get me through it. Many heartfelt thanks to you all.
— Anonymous Barnabas Center Client
The Esther House has been another family to me. God helped me through them to see how precious I am to Him and how much I am loved by God. Thank you so much for the ministry so many of you serve.
— Anonymous Esther House Resident
The ministry of Peoria Rescue Mission has completely saved my life and has given me the tools and knowledge in Christ to make proper decisions…(I have found) a peace and a love I never knew and, by abiding in Christ, I’m moving forward with a lot more to learn.
— Anonymous Rescue Mission Resident