Get in the Game!

You’ve seen the faces of the lives poverty shatters. Children, adults, families, and even communities laid waste by the ravages of brokenness, abuse, addiction, unjust conditions, and more. Team Hope sees it too, and we say, “Enough is enough.” 

We are determined to overwhelm the devastating effects of poverty in our community through a powerful movement that brings wholeness to shattered lives

We’re approaching the need through a unique understanding born of an innovative perspective to engage in poverty alleviation. We believe Team Hope can be part of the answer to poverty here in Peoria.

And we want you to join us.

What is the issue?

  • Current definitions of poverty are inadequate

  • Providing food, clothing and shelter alone can’t alleviate poverty or transform lives

  • Life transformation leads to community transformation through relationships

  • Those relationships require teamwork

Who is going
to do this?

  • The CHURCH impacting individuals for the glory of God.

  • The COMMUNITY providing help and hope for our neighbors in need.

  • PEORIA RESCUE MINISTRIES facilitating relationship-driven and sustainable life transformation through Jesus Christ.

Together, we create pathways to a flourishing life for those broken by poverty.

Can this really work?

We believe the answer is yes. And what is more, we are already seeing results within our ministry in the past year alone.

  • 150 people placed in sustainable housing

  • 215 people secured solid employment

  • 77 people making decisions of faith in, and following Jesus Christ

  • Homelessness in our community is down 25% (100 people locally)

  • With an estimated annual community cost of $40,000, the 100 people who are no-longer homeless means a community impact of an estimated $4M

  • Our service numbers are up (meals 92K+, shelter 40K+) because people are finding hope for their future. They’re moving in, so they can move on

The bottom line is, people who were broken by poverty are experiencing life renewal, not only because they were fed, but because someone cared enough to help them heal and give them hope.

Why does this work?


Poverty breaks people and communities in a way that echoes for generations. Without hope and healing, the problem of poverty only grows. The need for food, shelter and clothing is only a symptom of the greater issue of poverty, and until we address that issue, nothing will change.

Team Hope provides real, boots on the ground, life-invested hope for our neighbors. Whether you see this as a Christian, looking at poverty alleviation as true worship of God (Isaiah 58:10-12), or as a community member, seeing the economic truth that a community is only as healthy as its weakest member, we all want to see our neighbors experience:

  • A flourishing and sustained life

  • Permanent housing

  • Living-wage jobs

  • Whole person health-based choices impacting generations instead of poverty-based ones

For Peoria Rescue Ministries, this happens within a thriving church-embedded connection built upon a relationship with Jesus Christ. In our view, the economic impact we are seeing in our community is a result of the personal impact Jesus Christ has on the need for hope in our communities.

TeamHope - sprout.png

What can you do?

Join us in this fight against poverty in our community. The simple truth is that we all experience lack of some kind or another. We’ve all felt its impact in our lives and needed help to find wholeness. Others need this help as well.

Time - Volunteering your services on a consistent basis to be a buffer of life renewal in the lives of those in need.

Talents - The things you know can make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Money - Properly allocated, funds can bring education, opportunity, empowerment and lead to a flourishing life for someone who was once powerless against the effects of poverty.

See yourself in one of these? All of these? Then hit the button below and …