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Team Hope

God is doing amazing things in our ministry and our community but He wants to do MORE. What does this mean? It means it’s time for Team Hope!

Team Hope staff and volunteers enjoy spreading a message of hope at a recent event.  Photo by Elyse Nicholson

Team Hope staff and volunteers enjoy spreading a message of hope at a recent event. Photo by Elyse Nicholson

In short, Team Hope is an initiative begun by Peoria Rescue Ministries in concert with what we see as a larger movement of the Holy Spirit in our world. It involves two important concepts, church community and human flourishing. This is best evidenced in the parable of the Good Samaritan by the roles of the Good Samaritan, the innkeeper and the injured traveler.


Without each other, we are going to have a tough time achieving anything. Apart from Jesus, we’ll fall apart entirely. It’s in this spirit of community that Peoria Rescue Ministries has developed Team Hope. It is founded first in the hope of Jesus Christ and secondly in the teamwork needed to bring that hope to bear fruit in the lives of our neighbors in need.

  • TEAM HOPE Dedicated to bringing HOPE to our neighbors in need by creating pathways of human flourishing that lead to renewed relationships with God, Self, Others and Creation.

    • The Community Groups of people coming together missionally and ecumenically as a church body to be the Good Samaritan focused on impact for the Kingdom of God, for the glory of God through the provision of help and hope for neighbors in need. They answer the call from Deuteronomy 15 to live openhandedly and give generously to their neighbors in need. This means not only financial gifts, but gifts of time and personal investment.

    • The Workers Stepping into the role of the innkeeper in the parable of the Good Samaritan, they work so that the traveler might flourish and move from the perpetual need of crisis care into pathways of transformation leading to renewed and sustainable life.

  • The Goal is that neighbors in need might flourish and experience life transformation through the radical good news of Jesus. As a community is relational in nature, the goals are also driven by relationship with God, self, others and creation.