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Matthew West addresses the audience at a recent acoustic concert while wearing a Team Hope jersey.  Photo by Elyse Nicholson.

Matthew West addresses the audience at a recent acoustic concert while wearing a Team Hope jersey. Photo by Elyse Nicholson.

Get in the Game!

Team Hope is a call to bring help, HOPE, and healing to our neighbors in need. Partner with us as lives are transformed from the brokenness of poverty to the wholeness of human flourishing, all through the good news of a God who loves us and wants us to thrive.

All of us experience poverty at some level. The Bible tells us that poverty is not just a material matter nor is it only a soul matter. Since poverty is a whole person matter the answer to poverty must be a whole person answer. We believe Team Hope can be a part of that answer here in Peoria.



The CHURCH led to impact the Kingdom of God for the Glory of God.


The community united to provide help and hope for neighbors in need.


Peoria Rescue Ministries facilitating the life transformation promised in the gospels.


Our TEAM dedicated to bringing HOPE by creating pathways toward
a transformed and flourishing life.



  • Understand that transactional, relief-focused efforts such as providing food, clothing and shelter aren't enough.

  • Provide a whole person, relationship-driven approach leading to the outcomes of sustainable housing, living wage jobs, healthy living, all grounded in a thriving church-embedded relationship with Jesus Christ.



  • This is what God sees as true worship (Isaiah 58:10-12)

  • Not everyone is called to vocational ministry to the poor and oppressed, but all of us are called by God to love our neighbor, live generously toward the poor and to show the same mercy God has shown us.

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The Heart of Hope

In Matthew 18, Jesus shares the story of the unmerciful servant as a Kingdom illustration of WHY we are to be merciful to others. Simply put, we are to show compassion to others out of the realization of how compassionate God has been toward us. Whether that mercy is demonstrated through forgiving others or helping a neighbor in need it should not come out of obligation or sacrifice but from a grateful heart instead. As the story relates, our debt was astronomical, yet God, the King, had mercy on us and forgave us that debt. Understanding how merciful God has been in our debt and brokenness should compel us to treat others the same. Living a life of mercy gives others hope; Hope for a flourishing life in the Kingdom of God where forgiveness, restoration, renewal, and dignity are not impossible but are HIM-possible.