End Of Year Grace - From the Executive Director

Did you know that the root of the word gratitude is “gratia,” the Latin word for grace? And that when we think about gratitude here at PRM and how thankful we are for all that God is doing through you, we realize it’s all about grace. You see, grace is undeserved favor or kindness given at someone else’s expense, and that’s what defines your support for us. Your gifts, prayers, and “neighboring” are gracious gifts of your time, treasure, and talents, and we are so very grateful that you have lavished them on us and those we serve at PRM. Those gracious gifts are changing lives. THANK YOU so very much.

Of course, the supreme example of grace is the highlight of this season, as the God of all creation gave His son to be part of His creation to bring peace and joy to us and the world. That act of grace changed everything which leads us to eternal gratitude.

So, in this season of grace and giving, allow us to simply yet sincerely give our thanks to you for your gracious support of Peoria Rescue Ministries and our neighbors in need. 

Jonathan Rocke

Executive Director, Peoria Rescue Ministries

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