Holiday Health - Peace In Our Own Place

Sometimes, it's hard to prepare for Holiday Cheer

The holidays don't always equal happiness. Barnabas Center director Curt Meiss shares some suggestions for not just getting through the holidays, but thriving in them. Should you need more help, remember we are always a click away to schedule a visit. 

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Take the Pressure Off and Find Peace

Unrealistic and uncommunicated expectations can add pressure and unnecessary stress to our holiday season. 

Identify your own expectations early and make sure they are realistic. Then tentatively communicate expectations EARLY to those who will be impacted, looking for mutually acceptable compromises. Expect imperfection in how your plans play out and roll with it.  Pray proactively for patience and resilience when things do go wrong.  

We live in a fallen world and our peace is in Jesus, not in the “perfect” holiday gathering.

Curt Meiss, LCPC

Counseling Director, Barnabas Center
Peoria Rescue Ministries

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