1212 Update - Beautiful weather and great opportunities!

From the Executive Director

September, 2021

1212 - Beautiful Weather And Opportunities

1212 Community House Apartments in the process of receiving a new roof.

As we step into the first days of autumn, most of the buzz around the PRM offices has been about HOPEWALK  and our recently announced HOPE•RISING event. And for certain, you'll be hearing more about the great ways God has shown up in those events over the weeks and months to come. But I wanted to give everyone a brief update on what God has been doing at our building project up the street from the Downtown Mission. 1212 Community House Apartments is coming along quickly and the buzz among the renewal program guys has been exciting. 

As you may know, we announced that we were finally able to continue with the renovations after a resolution to the zoning challenge. The apartments are now being framed in, plumbing, electrical and HVAC work is speedily coming along, and we also decided to put a new roof on the building, as the previous roof was presenting us with a very real possibility of being an unwelcome expense. While this might be a stumbling block for some, we look at it as an opportunity to move forward so we can see the work of Jesus continue in our community. We are putting our faith into action doing God's work and we firmly believe He is strong enough to overcome any challenge we might face.

While this might be a stumbling block for some, we see it as an opportunity to move forward

1212 Community House Apartments roofing work goes on as good weather allows the continued progress to happen on the external portions of the building.

During all of this time, we have not asked for extra donations, nor do we plan to currently. We've been blessed to be made aware of certain grants that we believe will allow us to absorb the increased costs created by the zoning resolution, as well as the necessary updates that wisdom has led us to initiate.

What we really need now is prayer for God's will to be done and Christ to be uplifted through the completion of 1212 Community House Apartments. In the weeks to come we'll know more about whether our grant application was successfully received and what the funding situation will look like. As soon as we hear about that outcome, we will be sure to pass that along to everyone who has been praying so hard for the transitional facility we have needed for so long. 

Jonathan Rocke

Executive Director, Peoria Rescue Ministries

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