Future Vision

The future is happening now!

We are seeing God at work at Peoria Rescue Ministries! We see Him leading us into new opportunities and ways to help those in need and leading us in a shift of how we serve those He brings us. Outlined below are details of the future vision for Peoria Rescue Ministries. We hope you will join us as we take a faith-driven step into the future with Him.

Vision Graphic.png


God’s Vision

The first direction our future vision will take is to be sure that our vision is God’s vision. In everything we are and everything we do, we seek His glory and purposes. No matter what changes, one truth will not - that ultimate and eternal transformation is found in a relationship with the living God through His Son, Jesus. All points within our ministry will continue to preach this truth and to share the gospel in both word and deed.

In addition, having our vision be God’s vision means that the Church must be at the core. That means building even deeper relationships with local churches, bringing more neighbors into the ministry, and developing more adoptive relationships with churches where in our clients can seamlessly transition into the church community.

Our “Neighbor” Volunteer Program is just one example of how the Church and Peoria Rescue Ministries partner together in the work of rescue.


services development vision

Historically, Peoria Rescue Ministries has operated more on a “Services/Relief” model - a model that predominately focused on the crisis relief services of food, clothing, and shelter.

Crisis Relief Model Graphic B.png

And while we are in no way abandoning those services, we are transitioning to a more “Services/Development” model that emphasizes sustainable life transformation and skills. Sustainable life transformation includes moving toward permanent housing, living wage jobs, healthy living, and vibrant connections with the local church and communities of faith.

Services Dev Model Graphic.png

Our new “Next Step” transitional program is an example of sustainable life transformation in action.


broad vision

We want our vision to be a broad vision that encompasses our community at large and the partnerships that are so vital for our clients to succeed. In our vision, we want to see the city as a whole and work closely with other mercy ministry partners such as South Side Mission, The Dream Center, Peoria Jobs Partnership, Teen Challenge, and others to collectively meet the needs of this city and to best steward the limited resources available.

We also want to continue and expand our collaboration with others who provide necessary housing and healthcare services and to build more affiliations with educational and employment partners.


Long vision

Not only do we want our vision to be broad, but we want our vision to be long as well. We will focus on sustainable outcomes that measure how well our clients are doing months and even years after their direct residency with us. That will include developing and maintaining relationships, support, and after-care services for the long term.


Shared vision

Our vision going forward will be a shared or mutual one. This speaks to the kind of community and culture we are seeking to build within the Peoria Rescue Ministries family. We are a community living life together and learning from and teaching each other. The shared vision comes from a belief that real life transformation and discipleship takes place within a community where grace and the gospel are woven into the fabric of our lives lived together.


enterprise vision

Finally, our vision will have a continued focus on enterprise activities that can both support our ministry and provide crucial work readiness skills and training for our clients. Today, nearly 19% of our overall revenue is derived by our enterprise activities. This number is primarily driven by our long-standing partnership with Caterpillar in our pallet recycling program. The revenue from this program covers a substantial portion or our administration and development costs. It is our desire that our enterprise activities continue to develop and grow as a vital way in which we can self-support a significant portion of our ministry expense.

Learn more about the pallet recycling program.

This is just a glimpse into the future direction of Peoria Rescue Ministries. But in all of this, we must never forget why we do this ministry. Although we talk about programming and planning, it’s really about the people who so desperately need help and hope. Ultimately though, we show love to these precious people because God first loved us. He alone is worthy to receive glory and honor and He alone is able to save.

Would you consider joining us in the future direction that God is leading? Your investment in the lives of hurting people has a big impact - now and for eternity. Thank you for your support.

Are you interested in hearing more about what God is up to at Peoria Rescue Ministries? We’d love to connect with you and/or give you a tour! Contact Dan Wolf at (309) 676-6416 or dwolf@peoriarescue.org.