Stories of Rescue


"I have been rescued" videos

Dustin's Story

Joe's Story

Connie's Story

Joe M.'s Story

The personal stories of Peoria Rescue Ministries' current and former clients, as seen in The Hope newsletter.

Dave DeVoss

Ten years down the road

Dave's Story
Dave looks back over his life since that cold February night when he felt like giving up was his only option...

freedom found

Dean's Story
After 42 years of being a slave to alcohol, Dean has found freedom in Christ.  This new creation has found a new life...


A thankful heart

Lester's Story
  "The Bible taught me that I am a person - a person of God...You see, growing up, I never knew these things. I never knew anything."

Victory in Jesus

Sam's Story
"I was using alcohol as a coping mechanism and never really dealing with the sin issues that were plaguing me..."

an offer of hope

Angie's Story
"During the Bible study, I realized that God had forgiven me long ago for what I had done, but it was I who hadn't forgiven myself..."

from a life of misery

Dan's Story
"My life growing up was like hell on earth.  I was raised by parents that were abusive, especially my father.  He was like a dictator - very controlling..."

writer's repentance

Jason's Story
"My life was in shambles," begins Jason as he tells of the journey that led him to Peoria Rescue Mission.  Before coming to the Mission, Jason had just been put out on the street - for the second time - by his father...

Trusting God

Denise's Story
Denise's life changed the day she became pregnant.  She was just 18 years old and already wavering in her faith in God...

Jeremy's Journey

Jeremy's Story
Last October, Jeremy came to a crossroads in his life.  He could either seek the help he knew deep down that he needed, or he could continue down the destructive path he was on...